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The picturesque Ligurian hinterland, with its numerous valleys, is still a little-known destination but no less pleasant to visit. Its suggestion and uniqueness make it a true experience to explore ancient villages, medieval towns, castles, fortresses, churches, and “creuze” – as the Ligurians call the narrow streets leading up the hills. If you love history and an active vacation, the Ligurian hinterland will not disappoint you.

Val di Vara

A territory of great historical-naturalistic interest with high-quality agricultural productions (hence the Term “Organic Food Valley”, as well as a treasure trove of history, traditions, and gastronomic excellence. It is characterized by the presence of numerous fortified villages, ideal places to regenerate by connecting with nature.

Val d’Aveto

A hidden gem among the majestic mountains of the Ligurian Apennines, it is the Valley of wood and mountain tourism, framed by the highest mountains of the Ligurian Apennines and characterized by centuries-old forests, pastures, and untouched nature.