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The Ligurian Riviera is not just the sea; it’s a land of nature, sun, wind, flavors, culture, and villages, family activities, sea and sports, art, and city life, history, and stories, excursions, and trails. Come and live a unique and tailor-made experience! Among the places we recommend, you will find some very close and others easily reachable by train, just 30 minutes from our hotel!

Portofino and San Fruttuoso

Portofino is one of Italy’s most romantic villages, known worldwide as a synonym for beauty, elegance, and exclusivity, as well as a perfect destination for trekking enthusiasts, with over 80 km of trails. From Portofino, you can also visit the unspoiled San Fruttuoso with its crystal-clear waters and magnificent Abbey.

Genoa and the Aquarium

Rich in art, architectural treasures, and museums, with a large and evocative medieval historic center, a great gastronomic culture, and a beautiful seafront, according to “Forbes,” Genoa is a destination worthy of attention for those seeking a more authentic Italian experience. A visit to the aquarium is a must for the little ones!

Cinque Terre

From our hotel, conveniently located near the station, the Cinque Terre, the five ancient villages on the rugged coast of Liguria, are easily accessible. For our guests, it will also be possible to choose to visit them by boat, departing from the port of Lavagna, or by train, the best way to reach them.