The kitchen of the restaurant of the Hotel Tigullio in Lavagna is essentially based on the quality and freshness of raw materials, coming straight from the Territory with the seasons.

The scents and colors of Liguria is well reflected in our dishes, which we follow with the same care and passion of those who love his work as his family! … because that’s how we would like our customers to feel … at home!

Our menu is true to the tradition of Liguria but also attentive to the individual “food needs” of our customers, such as food allergies and gluten-free menu.

Every dish, from appetizer to dessert, is made with care and in the traditional way.

All kinds of pasta, fresh and filled, are strictly produced by hand, as well as sauces and condiments, starting from the famous basil sauce, pesto!

The fish is the star of our table along with several side dishes of vegetables, raw, cooked or stuffed, so typical of our region.

Quality food from breakfast to dinner, including menu planning for babies.
The chef uses products Luca zero kilometer, seasonal, beginning in spring 2017, in the preparation of sweets and cakes the chef Luca will use the following ingredients all ORGANIC (00 stone-ground flour, sugar, eggs and butter).